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So I have been checking out the search terms used to get to this blog and to my surprise it’s about Misao. More on Misao’s endings, getting items, and getting Misao’s body parts. Why that is a surprise is because if anyone has downloaded the English translated game in the same site as I did, there already is a guide there. Oh well, I guess just for fun I’m going to make a detailed guide in playing Misao. This means I will be spoiling a lot of things in the game. If you want to figure it out yourself stop reading now. (I typed the warning in the title in ALL CAPS for a reason.)

This is your last chance to turn back.

This is your last chance to turn back.

Misao’s main game is non-linear so you can go about it however you want. Since I have played this game a lot, this is how I go about collecting the items and Misao’s body parts:

3F Hall
Exit the Student Council Room. Ignore the room next to it for now. (For reference, the room next to the Student Council Room is the Principal’s Office.) Go down the stairs.

1F Hall
Turn right and enter the Staff Room. (This is the first room that you can enter. Rooms that you can enter are indicated with a white triangle pointing at the door.) Talk to Ayaka here who is rummaging through Mr. Sohta’s desk. After that, exit the Staff Room. Head right until you see the bulletin board then interact with it. This is a clue for a puzzle later. Continue right and enter the Boy’s Bathroom. You will see a scene here with Tohma and Saotome. Saotome is about to get attacked by an evil spirit and asks for Tohma’s help. Tohma runs away. Aki will try to help out and look for something to attack the evil spirit with. Head back near the entrance and interact with the fire extinguisher. Go back to where Saotome is. Unfortunately, Saotome is already dead and Aki attacks the evil spirit with the fire extinguisher. There is nothing to do here (for now) so exit this room. Go to the Girl’s Bathroom this time. (It’s just next to the Boy’s Bathroom.) Now go to the last stall (far right) and interact with it 3 times. The first stall door will then open. Interact with the toilet and choose to flush the toilet. The door to the last stall will then disappear and the ghost Hanako will appear. You must bypass her and interact with the toilet in the last stall to get your first item, “Coins”.  Exit the Girl’s Bathroom and head left until you see a vending machine. Equip “Coins” and interact with the vending machine. Choose “Buy juice” to get your second item, “Pocari Sweat”. From the bulletin board, head south and interact with the locker to get your third item, “Bat”. Go to the left and head upstairs.

2F Hall
Head up and you will see 3 rooms that you can enter. Enter the middle room to enter the Library. You will now gain the ability to use Warp. Talk to Miss Library and choose “Be her friend”. Then she will ask you to give her an easier name to be called as. Give her any name you want. After that talk, head to the right and interact with the vase filled with flowers on the table to get your fourth item, “Lilies”. Equip this now. Exit the Library and head to Class 2-A. (That’s the room to the left of the Library.) Remember the clue on the bulletin board in 1F Hall? We are going to solve it now but first open the locker on the upper left corner of the room to free Mr. Sohta. After he is gone, check the locker again for your fifth item, “Locker Key”. Now to solve the puzzle. There are 30 seats in the classroom and you are supposed to find a vase in one of those seats and put a lily in the vase. The vase in Class 2-A is located in C4. (Follow the table below.)













(For reference: The letters and numbers are coordinates. The cells represent the 30 seats. The one with the “X” is where the vase is located.)

With that done, leave the room and go to Class 2-B. (It’s the room to the right of the Library.) The second vase is located in B2. (Follow the table below.)














Once you have located the vase and placed a lily in it, leave the room and head upstairs.

3F Hall
Go to Class 3-C. You can’t miss it. It’s the only room that you can enter in this hall. (For now anyway.) The last vase is located in D5. (Follow the table below.)














Once you found the vase and placed a lily in it, a voice will tell you that “It will be waiting on the rooftop.” That is where we are heading but first go to the upper right corner of the room and talk to Tohma. Aki will tell Tohma that Saotome is dead. Tohma will then say that it isn’t his fault and that it is all Misao’s doing. He then asks Aki to help him because Misao is out to get him. Aki will then tell him that they should help Misao and asks him to help. Tohma refuses because everything that is happening is all Misao’s doing. Aki will then say that she doesn’t care if he stays there forever, she is leaving him behind. Reluctantly, Tohma follows Aki but before they could get out an evil spirit appears behind Tohma and attacks him. He is injured badly but is still alive. Aki will then say that she has to find a place where he can be treated. Okay, exit the classroom then head to the right to get to the next screen.

3F Hall (Next Screen)
Nothing much here except for a spirit that will drop from the ceiling. Easily avoided. Not much to talk about. Head to the exit to go to….

Other World – Rooftop
Open the treasure chest to get the first body part, “Misao’s eyeballs”. Get back to 3F Hall.

3F Hall
Head to the far left then go south. If you look to the right you will see a red square object on the wall. That is the emergency bell. Interact with it and choose “Push”. The wall that is isolating the Student Council Room and Principal’s Office from the rest of 3F Hall will disappear. Equip “Bat” and enter the Principal’s Office. Examine the vase with flowers on the table. Choose “Destroy”. Afterwards, examine the broken vase to get your sixth item, “Emergency Exit Key”. Now go back to 2F Hall. (Not through the stairs near the Student Council Room. That just leads to 1F Hall.)

2F Hall
Enter the Library. Talk to Miss Library (or whatever you named her) and Aki will ask her to take care of Tohma. After that event, you will be outside the Library. Equip “Pocari Sweat” and go back inside. Talk to Tohma and you will give him the Pocari Sweat to drink. He will drink it and find an object inside the can. You will now get your seventh item, “Small Key”. Equip “Emergency Exit Key” then go outside and head to the right to get to the next screen.

2F Hall (Next Screen – East)
Nothing here. Just get to the next screen.

2F Hall (Next Screen – North)
Just keep heading north. Do not turn and look at the ghost behind you. You will die if you do. If you have the “Emergency Exit Key” equipped like I told you, you can unlock the door which will lead to….

Other World – Ghost Town
A scene here with Kudoh who is badly wounded due to a monster attack. He will say that he has known Misao since they were in kindergarten and that he hasn’t been there for her since they started high school. For that, he is asking Misao for forgiveness. You are then prompted to make a choice, “Help” or “Watch”. Choose “Watch” and Misao’s spirit will show up and Kudoh will ask for forgiveness and say that he loves her. Misao will then say that he doesn’t like him and gets run over by a speeding car. After that scene, you will hear the car crash. I wonder where it crashed? Anyway, head back to 1F Hall.

1F Hall
Equip the “Locker Key” then go to the Staff Room. Open the second locker to get the second body part, “Misao’s brain”. Head out and go to the Boy’s Bathroom. Oh, there’s the car! Open the car door to get the third body part, “Misao’s legs”. Go to the right to get to the next screen.

1F Hall (Next Screen)
Enter the room. (This is the Infirmary.) There will be a scene with Mr. Sohta and Ayaka. Ayaka is panicking. Mr. Sohta explains that Ayaka is panicking due to a monster attack. He then asks you to see if there is a tranquilizer in his desk. Go back to 1F Hall.

1F Hall
Go to the Staff Room and check Mr. Sohta’s desk. There is no tranquilizer here. Go back to the Infirmary.

1F Hall (Next Screen)
Back in the Infirmary, you will see that Ayaka is dead and Mr. Sohta is injured. Mr. Sohta says that a monster suddenly attacked but he could not save Ayaka. He then gives you the fourth body part, “Misao’s arms”. Says he found it while he was walking by. He also says that Misao wanted to talk to him but he couldn’t because he was busy. He says that he should have talked to her and that you are the only one who can save her. Go outside and go to the right to get to….

1F Science Lab
You will hear Yoshino cry for help when you get here. First off, interact with the notes about salt mandrakes on the table. Do not pass under the telephone on the table, it will kill you. Next head down and see Yoshino strapped to an operating table. Talk to her and choose “Help her”. Aki says that she will help Yoshino but she must promise to stop bullying. Yoshino promises that she will not bully anymore but before Aki can act, a scientist with a chainsaw appears at the entrance. Interact with the corpse below Yoshino and chose to hide in it’s large torn stomach. After that scene, you will see that you are covered in blood, Yoshino is cut in half, and that a mandrake is inside a container that was once empty. Go to the right and interact with the machine. Choose “Push buttons” to free the mandrake. Now don’t worry, this critter will not kill you. What you want is to lure the mandrake near the telephone. The noise from the telephone will make it faint. Now interact with the fainted mandrake to get the eighth item, “Salt”. Now go back to 1F Hall.

1F Hall
Exit to the north to get to….

Other World – Abyss
Equip “Bat”. Interact with the well.

Other World – Bottom of the Well
You will want to quick save at this part. I won’t lie, this part is kind of a pain in the ass. With the Bat equipped, smash the boulders. After smashing the third boulder, quickly run up and once you are at the opening. quickly move either left or right to dodge the speeding boulder. (This might take a couple of tries.) After all that, head to the staircase down. Approach the pool of water to clean yourself up. This will open a path that will lead you to the fifth body part, “Misao’s head”. Go back to Other World – Abyss.

Edit: Regarding dodging the boulder in Other World – Bottom of the Well
After checking out the Recreation Room, there was a character sprite there that hinted that there is a hidden spot where you can hide to dodge the boulder. Sure enough, it is there. (If you can’t see it well, just click the image to see the image in it’s original size.)

Hidden Safe Spot

Other World – Abyss
While you are here, place the 5 body parts you currently have at the Other World –  Shrine. (It’s the building at the north. Can’t miss it.) 1 body part and 1 item left to go. Equip “Salt” and go to 2F Hall.

2F Hall
Head to the left side to go to the next screen.

2F Hall (Next Screen – West)
If you pass by this hall normally, this will just be an infinite loop. You will need to place “Salt” on a tile to repel the spirit doing the loop. If you don’t know where to place the salt, an easy way is starting from the far left, count off 5 windows. Face the fifth window and press the interact button. You will get a message that you have placed salt on the tile and the spirit has been repelled. Proceed to the west to go to….

2F Music Room
Equip “Small Key”. Approach the chair and don’t do anything until the music stops. You will get a message “Thank you for listening….” and a treasure chest will appear. With the “Small Key” you can open this treasure chest and get the final item, “Boot Disc”. Now go to 1F Science Lab to get the final body part.

1F Science Lab
Equip the “Boot Disc” and interact with the machine on the right side of the table. Now for the code that the machine is asking for. The clue for the code is on the wall near the entrance. This is actually an easy puzzle but since you are looking at this, you probably just want to get it over with. Okay, the code for this machine is 78450. A container will shatter revealing a spirit hiding. Having been discovered, it disappears. Now go to upper right corner and interact with the computer like object on the wall. The code for this machine is 31269. The container that holds the final body part, “Misao’s heart” shatters allowing you to get it. Now go to Other World – Shrine.

Other World – Shrine
Place the last body part on the remaining altar. A scene will happen and it would appear that nothing has changed. What’s going on? Warp back to the Student Council Room.

Student Council Room
Talk to Onigawara and he will tell Aki that one more soul is needed to lift the curse and to put Misao’s soul to rest. (If you noticed at the left side of the Shrine, there are already 3 red glowing tombstones and 1 tombstone that isn’t.) You must kill someone that Misao has a grudge with. Now here in lies the important decision:

If you kill Tohma – You will get the Bad Ending.
If you kill Mr. Sohta – You will get the Good Ending.

Whoever you kill, go back to the shrine. You will see that Misao’s body parts are glowing blue. Interact with the object on the top. Enjoy the last scenes in the game. Congratulations! You have beaten the main game. If you went for the Good Ending you will unlock “Truth” in the title screen. “Truth” is another story that is short and linear so I don’t really think that making a guide for that is necessary. Beating “Truth” will get you the True Ending.

Some Questions That I Think Will Be Asked:
1. So, is there anything special about the blackboard in the Student Council Room?

Short answer: No. Long Answer: The blackboard is simply telling you that you need to have an item equipped to gain a desired effect. It’s not enough that you have it in your inventory. Okay, for example, remember the treasure chest in the Music Room that needs the Short Key? If you have the Short Key in your inventory but it isn’t equipped, that treasure chest will not open. Yup, that’s pretty much it. >_<

2. So, I made the mandrake faint but I can’t get the item, “Salt” from it. What gives?
Read the notes on the table about Salt Mandrakes. This is necessary.

3. I have beaten “Truth” and after the credits the game is asking me for a password. What is this all about and how do I get the password in the game?
The password can be found in the main game. If you talk to Onigawara, you normally have the option to Save and Load. The truth is, there is a hidden third option below the Load option. Once you confirmed this option, Onigawara will give you the password. Giving the right password will take you to the Recreation Room, an extra of sorts that will give you details on how the characters and the game came about. If you don’t want to do the main game again just to see the password, it is ABANDONHOPE (Yup, all caps, no space)

If you have other questions about the game, just post a comment here. That’s it for me . Later.



  1. In the rec room, there was a lot of mention of a boy’s path. How can I play that version?
    They said it would be in ver. 2 of the game, but that’s the one I have…

    • If you play the game a second time, you can choose the male version of Aki. You can’t choose male Aki in “Truth” though. (The creator pretty much says that the female Aki is the main character in the game.)

  2. In the recreation room, some characters were talking about a secret hidden there. I looked everywhere, but I couldn’t find it. Where is it?

    • It’s the same deal like acquiring the password for the Recreation Room. When you talk to Onigawara in the Recreation Room you are presented with two choices but there is a third hidden option there. Selecting the third option will just show you some character portraits.

  3. i cant find the eyeballs. i think i skipped the lily-vase part in 3-F. What am i suppose to do now?

    • You need to find the vases in one of the desks in Class 2-A, Class 2-B, and Class 3-C. (One vase for each room.) Once you found the vase, interact with it again to place a lily on it. (Make sure you have the item “Lilies” equipped.) If you have done all that, you will get a message saying “It will be waiting at the rooftop.”. Head to the rooftop (That’s to the right side of 3-F Hall.) and a chest should be there. Open it and you will get “Misao’s eyeballs”.

  4. I’ve read this thousands of times and CANT seem to find her brain…

    • Okay, the first thing that you need is the “Locker Key”. You get that item by going to Class 2-A and opening the locker in the upper left corner and freeing Mr. Sohta. Once he leaves, interact with the locker again to get the “Locker Key”. Now go ahead and equip it. Now go to the Staff Room. (That is in 1F Hall.) Once inside and with the “Locker Key” equipped, you can open the lockers. One of the lockers have “Misao’s brain”. (The other lockers are just empty.)

  5. I fineshed the Girl version of Misao, now i am playing the boy version. When you try to kill Sohta, the boy hesitates and a message pops up saying, you can do it. I am you. Who is that who told me that?

    • I would believe that the one who said that is the female Aki. There is an interesting note in a bulletin board in 2F Hall that backs this up and it says, “Aki, I’m another you. We’ve never met. But that’s just our fate. Even so, I’ve been watching over you.” While you see the same note when you play as the female Aki, this note applies more to the male Aki.

      • OK! Thanks! i have another question. When in truth ending, you touch Tohma’s grave and is says, theres no going back, what does that mean?

      • There is no special meaning to it. Touching Touma’s grave leads to the final scene so if you want to check some things out you can back out if you want. (Which I highly doubt that there is something else for you to check what with the linearity of this game mode.)

  6. ty i already beat the game

  7. Hey arvikun! i beat Misao thanks to you and your walkthrough! Thanks for the help! I will soon be playing mad father so could you give me some hints where to find a good walkthrough? If you made on give me the link! Thanks so much, Anni

    • Glad to be of help. And to think that I only made this guide just for kicks. >_<

      Playing Mad Father are you? As for a guide, the site with the translated version of Mad Father has hints and a walkthrough there.
      Site here:

      I might do a guide for Mad Father when I have some time. (What with this guide having a lot of views compared to the other posts here.)

  8. Thanks for all your help!!!!! I apriciate it so much!!!! these are my first horror games so im starting out with these low graphic not that violent games, because in only ten!

  9. how to equip the bat?

    • because i can’t equip it, im about to go to the well to wash off to talk to the teach at the 3rd floor to get the locker key

      • Press the X key to open the game menu. From the available choices, choose Items. Move the cursor to the desired item with the up and down arrow keys. Press the Z key to equip the desired item. You will know that the item is equipped because the item will appear in the lower right corner of the screen.

  10. I’m just wondering, is there a difference if you do Mr. Sohta’s route in Truth? At first I skipped it, then I replayed it to do his route. However, I don’t see any difference happening.

    • I did a quick play and yes there is no difference. I’m guessing that as long as you have set free Kudoh, Yoshino, and Saotome and went straight to Touma’s grave to trigger the final scene, you have won the game. (By doing this though you will miss out on knowing how Ayaka really died and details on Mr. Sohta and why he killed Misao.)

      • I thought something would happen because Ogr– I mean Onigawara warned Aki about approaching Sohta’s tombstone.

      • Athena Kitsune: To be fair, that’s the only spot in the Truth storyline where you can be killed. So that’s likely what the warning is talking about

  11. Okay. So I did things differently from how you did them (so i kinda had to scan the walkthrough to find what I was looking for @_@), but I’m having issues with the girl’s bathroom and getting the coins. How am I supposed to get past the little girl?

    • If I remember correctly, (It has been a while since I played this.) her movements are as follows: she moves left to right a bit from where she is and then dashes at Aki’s position. Here is what I do: I position Aki at the center bottom of the room (below the middle restroom) to lure the ghost to dash at Aki. When the ghost dashes to Aki’s position (She will dash diagonally from Aki’s position) I immediately evade by moving up and head to the stall where the coins are located. The ghost can’t change directions during her dash. The ghost will repeat the same move pattern as mentioned earlier after her dash. Once you get the coins, the ghost will still be there but you will not die if you accidentally touched her.

  12. This is a good blog. i shall share it with everyone!!1

  13. When I was in the extra room the author was talking about how he hid Dead Sohtas body do you know where it is?

    • Hahahaha…. yeah, I know where it is. After killing Sohta, interact with the curtain divider thing (I don’t know what it is called. It is at the bottom of the two beds in the Infirmary.) to reveal Sohta’s corpse and another character sprite. By the way, thanks for asking this. If you hadn’t asked about this I wouldn’t have checked it out.


    • Skeleton? The one in 3F Hall, correct? Nah, you can’t do anything with it. It is just placed there to attempt to startle you. >_<

      • And it worked…

  15. Thank u so much for ur help.

    Righ now, I’m playing the truth, sohta’s part… I’m confused about avoiding him in his room..
    I’m always that in that part…
    Can u hel me about this??

    • That’s easy. Just move to the left and interact with the closet. Aki will hide inside. Afterwards you will be prompted to choose to “Go out” or “Wait a little”. Choose “Go out”.

  16. This is a bit of a dumb question but I can’t seem to figure out how to put the body parts onto the altar tables……I’ve actually been stuck on this for ages >.<

    • Just walk up to the altar and interact with it. Each altar is meant to hold a specific body part so if you interact with an altar and nothing happens, it just means that you don’t have that body part with you yet.

  17. yay thank you I beat misao

  18. I was told that a special scene would happen between Library and Tohma that can happen, I think it was about her killing him? If any event like this occurs, how can I activate it?

    • That only happens when you play as Male Aki. When you are about to choose who to sacrifice, (Tohma or Sohta) go ahead and choose to kill Tohma. Male Aki won’t be able to do it and runs outside. A dialogue box of Tohma screaming will pop up. Go back inside. You will see that the bed where Tohma is lying down is bloody and Tohma isn’t anywhere in the library. Talk to Ms. Library and she will tell you that Tohma was being mean by trying to take off her glasses so she killed him. I don’t think there are any other scenes. If you choose to kill Sohta as Male Aki, he will still hesitate but through some encouragement by Female Aki he will go through with it. (I say that the voice that talks to Male Aki is the Female Aki because of something written on the bulletin board of 2F Hall.)

  19. Is there anything you do with the bone guy?

    • If you are referring to the skeleton in 3F Hall, no there is nothing to do with it. Interacting with it does nothing.

  20. So, I have all parts of the body, I go to the shrine. There was the massage nothing happend, I wrap to the student concil room. But Onigawara say nothing out of ordanary, only save and load…
    Help please Q.Q

    • Hmm… that’s strange. If you got all the body parts (There are six of them.) and placed them in the altars at the shrine, the scene should occur as normal. Try this, go to the Library and talk to Miss Library. Ask for a hint and she will talk about placing the body parts in the altars in the shrine. She will then note that you have done all that and nothing has happened. She will suggest that you go talk to Onigawara. That is the only thing I can think off. I’m sorry if this isn’t that helpful but in all the times that I played Misao, that has never happened to me.

  21. i killed he two of them but.. nothing happend so what sould i doo

  22. hahahah finish it ok tnx

  23. How do I kill Mr. Sohta? T^T

    • First of all, make sure you have collected the 6 body parts and placed them in the shrine. You will get a scene where nothing has changed. Go back to the Student Council Office and talk to Onigawara. He will tell you that someone must be sacrificed to lift the curse. (Tohma or Sohta) Whoever you pick, equip the bat and talk to who you want to sacrifice.

  24. Can you tell me what the different between Misao version 1 and 2 ?

    • Nope, sorry can’t help you there. I don’t even know what version the translated game is. 😛

  25. on the rec room, there is this scattered girl that when you interact with it it says “she’s hiding somewhere, look fer her if you never found her”
    i looked everywhere and still couldn’t find her. where is she?

    • She is located along with the corpse of Mr. Sohta. After you have killed Mr. Sohta, interact with the curtain divider… thing. (Don’t really know what those are called. It’s below the beds in the infirmary.) It will reveal Mr. Sohta’s corpse and the girl you are looking for.

  26. I can never do the ghost girl in the bathroom help?

    • It is kinda hard to explain how to bypass the ghost girl in the girl’s bathroom but just remember that she will dash at your direction. When she first appears, don’t approach the toilet at the far right just yet. (I usually position Aki at the bottom.) Just observe her movement for a while and see how far her dash can reach then when you see an opening, just go for it.

  27. okay, i beat the game or didn’t i? because i got this text now “please enter the secret (11 characters) password… what is this??? what password? where?

  28. okay. sorry i didn’t notice the last hint with password. i see. everything is clear. and thank you for this blog.

  29. When you complete the game including the truth mode, does the title screen ever change?

  30. When you completed the game and the truth mode, does the title screen picture ever change?

  31. Does the title screen picture of Misao change?

    • No, the title screen doesn’t change when you beat the game.

  32. I gave up playing because I kept dying. How many ways are there to die, what happens and how do I avoid it?

    • There really isn’t that many death scenes in the game. Just remember that the things that you can interact with can be potential traps and will cause you to die. Here is a video I found on YouTube that shows all the death scenes from the Main Game and Truth:

  33. i think it’s stupid but, how do you enter the password on the machine with the boot disc in the science lab, what do i do?

    • Make sure that you have the boot disc equipped before you interact with the machine. It will only let you input a code if you have the boot disc equipped. Before I get the same type of question again, just remember that you need to equip the item for it to do something. It is not enough that you have it in your inventory. (For instance, you need to equip the item “Small Key” to open the locked treasure chest in the Music Room and obtain the item “Boot disc”.)

  34. So i have downloaded it for my mac in english, but i can’t make the screen size bigger. Do you know how?

    • In the game files, click on Config. You can toggle between Windowed and Full Screen mode.

  35. could anyone of tell me wats the dumbass secret paasword after beating the truth……….im stuck on this fwking password for ages and dont know wat 2 do..plzz do tell me guyzz!!

    • Sigh… I am starting to wonder if most of the people commenting here just ask without reading the guide. As for the password here is exactly what I wrote about that:

      I have beaten “Truth” and after the credits the game is asking me for a password. What is this all about and how do I get the password in the game?

      The password can be found in the main game. If you talk to Onigawara, you normally have the option to Save and Load. The truth is, there is a hidden third option below the Load option. Once you confirmed this option, Onigawara will give you the password. Giving the right password will take you to the Recreation Room, an extra of sorts that will give you details on how the characters and the game came about. If you don’t want to do the main game again just to see the password, it is ABANDONHOPE (Yup, all caps, no space)

      This is the last time I will be answering questions where the answers are clearly stated in the guide. Read the guide first then if you can’t find the answer, ask it here.

  36. thnx ARVIKUM!

  37. when you go to the debug/recreation room, it says something among the lines of “even here, mr. onigawara is hiding something. look for that if you’d like.” is there anything hidden?

    • It’s the same deal with getting the password in the main game. In the Recreation Room, talk to Onigawara and you will be presented with two options. There is a hidden option below the second option. Select that and you will see scrapped portraits not used in the game.

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